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"Thank you FE Trailers for all you do for our community! Your generous donation to our organization and our trailer for recycling has been a great success and a symbol of hope for our future. "

Miki Sankany
Santana High 2008 Grad

11919 Woodside Ave
Lakeside, CA 92040

Monday - Friday 7AM till 5:30PM


Prices start at:
Single Brake Axle- $999.00
Tandem Brake Axle- $1,499.00
Tri Brake Axle- $2,199.00

FE Trailers Monthly special. Please mention:
"I saw it on your new website"

Convert to Disc brakes. Replace your old obsolete drub brakes and protect your investment.

Disc brakes last longer, work better and require no maintenance.

The old drum brakes as soon as salt water hit them start the decline on their limited lifetime. 

Standard measures of using Salt-away or Flush-out systems are not sufficient.

Protect your boat, trailer and family with the conversion to Disc brakes.

We use standard Thermoplastic brake lines to replace the old style. This is the new technology.

Unique Functional Product Disc brakes, Thermoplastic brake line and Stainless steel fasteners!

Prices start at:
Single Brake Axle- $999.00
Tandem Brake Axle- $1,499.00
Tri Brake Axle- $2,199.00

Please stop by or call FE Trailer with any questions or appointment times.


Thousands of satisfied customers.. Traveling Millions of miles... Make FE your choice in Custom Trailers!

(619) 444.9932

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